$100K Worth Deals, Discounts And More

Startup Essentials provides a curated stack of deals on the most essential tools, software and more that are used by entrepreneurs and hustlers

And that’s not all, we shall be adding 100+ services and products addressing both everyday business and lifestyle needs of innovators, leaders, and founders in the startup economy

You can access $100K worth deals and discounts in less than INR 99 a week

In February this year, we opened up a new chapter with Inc42+ to build an even closer relationship with our readers, by providing unparalleled access, deeper stories and information that matters on the Indian startup economy.

Having closely followed the Indian startup ecosystem since our inception, Inc42 has always been focussed on empowering, connecting and helping the growth of startup community. Inc42+, our membership programme, is an extension of the same effort.

With this new chapter not only are we diving deeper into emerging trends and topics but also presenting new perspectives through our industry playbooks and expert analysis on different sectors with the help of our network of experts, influencers and thought leaders in the form of guides and more.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a new feature — Startup Essentials, our curated stack of deals on the most essential tools, software and more that are used by entrepreneurs, investors and startup enthusiasts.

We’ve partnered with some of the most amazing brands and tools to bring our Inc42+ members exclusive deals and discounts worth over $100K on more than 20 services and products.

And this is just the beginning. We will be adding more than 100 services and products through the year addressing both everyday business needs (tools, services, resources) and lifestyle needs of innovators, leaders, and founders in the startup ecosystem.

Explore Startup Essentials With Inc42+

Startup Essentials For Indian Innovators

We understand the importance of a work-life balance and while professional life is important, just as important is the personal life. For any entrepreneur or stakeholder of the startup community, while business needs are often realised, the personal requirements are often overlooked.

The Startup Essentials Toolkit provides all the members from the ecosystem with unmatched free and discounted gifts and credits.

Bundling together deals, discounts and offers worth more than $100K on services and products, The Startup Essentials Toolkit targets the business requirements of entrepreneurs to accelerate and grow their ventures. With Inc42+ you get access to all this and so much more!

Explore Startup Essentials With Inc42+

deals and offers in Startup Essentials by Inc42+

What Else Is In Store?

With the aim of building a complete package for the needs of startups, Inc42+ comes with benefits such as monthly guides, deep-dive playbooks, member-exclusive articles, DataLabs articles and research reports. Along with these the readers also get unlimited access to all stories as well as our members-only newsletter, The Outline, with more in the pipeline.

Explore Startup Essentials With Inc42+

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