Best Secure Web Browser: Classilla Review

Classilla is a modern web browser for Mac users. This free open source Mozilla-based web browser is transitioning from a desktop browser to one designed for mobile devices. It also includes its own version of Venkman, Mozilla Composer, and DOM Inspector elements. This custom built version of Mozilla 1.3.1 was designed to work on Classic Mac OS. Some of its main features include cooperative multitasking, command-scrolling, JavaScript interpreter, plug-ins, and theming.

This web browser uses Clecko, an engine that forked off from Gecko. Classilla was released in May 2009. It has more limited support for web standards than the latest Gecko-based browsers, but its layout capability is mote current than Mozilla 1.3.1 and has a better JavaScript interpreter than iCab. The browser supports HTML5, Java, and Flash. Users can install Mozilla 1.3-compatible themes.

Classilla is based on a port of Mozilla called WaMCom that was abandoned in 2003. This open source project aims to bring back modern browsing to 15-year-old hardware. Users who prefer the features of earlier versions can keep multiple versions of Classilla on their computers. The browser supports most of the features that Mozilla of the same generation did, including address book, newsgroups, and email. The developers consider the latest versions to be alpha quality software.

The browser is now using Byblos to rewrite web pages. Byblos allows users to dynamically rewrite the page’s HTML even before the browser tries to process it. When using Classilla, you can cancel a script the same way you cancel layout. The browser currently runs several plugins and themes. Users must enable software installation in order to install a new theme. This software also features a mobile user agent.

Classilla is one of the best web browsers for Mac OS 9. It loads web pages quite fast and comes with a large number of features, including a download manager, a progress bar, and an ad blocker. You can use the NoScript feature to block all scripts except for those you specifically allow. Don’t install too many add-ons because they can take up memory and slow your startup. The browser’s latest versions offer enhanced security, including a patch revoking the certificate set from the Comodo break-in. Classilla provides World Wide Web (HTTP), FTP, Gopher, and Usenet access, as well as E-mail (POP/SMTP) access. If you are looking for a secure and reliable web browser, then you should try out Classilla and see how it works.

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