Canada’s Lantic joins forces with Israel’s DouxMatok for low-sugar sweeteners

A Canadian-based sugar manufacturer will collaborate with Israeli startup DouxMatok to create sugar-cane based sweeteners that are 30 to 50 percent lower in sugar for food manufacturers in North America.

The accord between the publicly traded Rogers Sugar Inc., the parent company parent of Lantic Inc., and DouxMatok, whose technology enhances the delivery and flavor of sugar by targeting specific taste buds, is an important step toward the commercialization of the Israeli startup’s technology, the firms said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

DouxMatok engineers sugar grains so that most of the flavor reaches the taste buds, where the sweetness is felt, in contrast to normal sugar, where 80% of the sugar goes directly into the stomach.

The DouxMatok technology coats sugar molecules onto a tasteless mineral or a fiber or protein that are made for the purpose, which the company says ensures that more of the sugar lands on the taste buds. This allows for considerable reduction in sugar content while retaining the same taste. The technology can be used for a wide range of products, including cookies, cakes, confectionery and chocolate.

Petit Beurre cookies made with low-sugar content, using DouxMatok technology (Courtesy)

DouxMatok’s technology is backed by 24 patents and has been developed for six years by a team of scientists, the statement said.

The exclusive sugar cane manufacturing agreement with DouxMatok for its technology “adds an important and much desired customer solution to our natural sweetener portfolio,” said John Holliday, president and CEO of Lantic, in the statement. “As we see a noticeable trend towards a return to natural cane sugar in many consumer products, the reduction of 30% to 50% in sugar content makes this move even more compelling.”

Lantic will use its existing manufacturing lines to support the commercialization of this new solution to food companies in the US market, he said.

Over the past two years, Lantic and DouxMatok have worked together to move the Israeli tech from pilot testing to commercial scale manufacturing within Lantic’s existing sugar refining business, making industrial volumes already available, the statement said.

The companies are working collaboratively with selected food companies to support the development of new products as well as reformulate existing products with less sugar and more fibers and proteins to secure overall better nutrition, the statement added.

Lantic, headquartered in Montréal, Quebec, operates cane sugar refineries in Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as a sugar beet processing facility in Taber, Alberta.

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