Coronavirus Is Causing ‘Academic Darwinism’ As Campuses Stay Closed

This article was first published by The Times of Israel and is re-posted with permission.

With Israeli university and college students heading back to school [this week] – virtually, for the second semester in a row – the weight of what they are “absent for” academically and socially due to the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

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These students-by-screen are – perhaps – missing out on the full university experience and the tools it provides, such as teamwork and brainstorming sessions. But is this period doomed to affect their future job prospects – given that it is these students who will ultimately have to foot the coronavirus bill once they enter the workforce?

As Israel takes phased steps to exit its second lockdown, universities and colleges have launched their academic year with online-only lessons, aiming to move when possible to a hybrid model so that at least some classes will be held in person, especially for first-year students.

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