Coronavirus updates for June 7

India now has the world’s sixth-highest number of confirmed coronavirus infections, surpassing the numbers of Italy. According to Worldometer, India’s COVID-19 tally is close to 240,000, with the number of deaths more than 6,600.

Uttar Pradesh became the sixth state in India to have more than 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. To curb the rising number of cases, Odisha has imposed a two-day weekend shutdown in 11 of the states 30 districts with high COVID-19 cases. Delhi has directed hospitals to discharge patients with asymptomatic or mild symptoms amid reports of hospitals denying admission. Karnataka government said hotels and restaurants would be allowed to re-open if they follow precautionary measures laid out by the Centre.

Across the world, the coronavirus death toll nears 400,000, as the daily rise in cases crossed 130,000 for the second consecutive day, according to Worldometer. Indonesia is reporting its biggest daily increase in infections as the government begins to loosen social restrictions. The economic fallout of the coronavirus lockdown hit Nepal amid a lack of international mountaineering expeditions.

COVID 19 cases

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Here’s a roundup of YourStory’s coverage today of how India and the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

How Amazon India is helping SMBs and sellers survive COVID-19 crisis

On Money Matters with Shradha Sharma, Gopal Pillai, VP Seller Services, Amazon India, reveals steps taken by the ecommerce giant to help SMBs survive the COVID-19 crisis, and explains how it is helping them grow in the medium-to-long term.

How bag manufacturer Crea Worldwide joined the coronavirus fight with PPE innovations

Gurugram-based Crea Worldwide, which designs and makes bags and accessories for brands, switched to manufacturing PPE gear to help frontline coronavirus workers.


From 1st June 2020, several economic activities have been resumed in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in India with normal restrictions.

The impact of COVID-19 on the gems and jewellery industry

The industry is witnessing no footfall at jewellery stores, and despite the ongoing peak wedding season, mass shopping has come to a standstill.

Will consumer shopping experience shift to online post COVID-19?

Consumers are looking for new ways of engagement through technology. The e-commerce sector has found a collective affinity from such consumers.

Here’s how consumer behaviour will undergo a cultural shift post-COVID-19

The post-COVID-19 world will have a new normal. Here are some changes in consumer behaviour that are already been seen or will soon be seen due to the pandemic.

Is the lockdown a perfect opportunity to talk about family finances?

The coronavirus-led lockdown is a perfect opportunity to get started with the most critical task for your financial health. Here are some pointers to make it easy for you.

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