DouxMatok, Canada’s Rogers Sugar To Sell Sugar Reduction Tech

Israel’s DouxMatok, a developer of sugar reduction technology, is joining forces with one of Canada’s leading sugar manufacturers, Rogers Sugar, to deliver a unique sugar reduction solution based on cane sugar to food companies in North America.

DouxMatok announced a strategic collaboration last week with Lantic, a subsidiary of Rogers Sugar, with which it has been working for the past two years on pilot-testing the solution. The agreement marks a move to commercial-scale manufacturing within Lantic’s existing sugar refining business – a cane sugar refinery in Montreal and Vancouver, as well as a sugar beet factory in Taber, Alberta.

Founded in 2014, DouxMatok developed a targeted delivery system that more efficiently distributes sugar to its respective taste receptors, enabling substantial sugar reduction. The delivery process lowers the amount of sugar present in a variety of foods from anywhere between 30-50 percent, depending on the application, without asking manufacturers or consumers to compromise on taste and quality.

The company has 24 granted patents and has been developed over 6 years of R&D. Its solution offers a range of applications, including cookies, cakes, confectionery, and chocolate. And DouxMatok says it can refine sugars from any kind of granulated raw sugar product, such as sugarcane or beet.

DouxMatok and Lantic indicated they are now working with selected food companies to support the development of new products as well as the reformulation of existing products with less sugar.

“We are extremely pleased to have secured an exclusive cane sugar manufacturing agreement  with DouxMatok for this innovative technology that adds an important and much desired customer solution to our natural sweetener portfolio,” said John Holliday, President and CEO of Lantic. “With proven commercial manufacturing in place, we are ready to support the commercialization of this new solution to food companies in the US market.” 

DouxMatok co-founder and CEO Eran Baniel, a serial entrepreneur with experience in C-level management and high-level fundraising, said the partnership with Lantic “represents an important step towards commercialization of our solution.”

Baniel co-founded DouxMatok with his father, Professor Avraham Baniel, who has been on a mission to make  “a little sugar feel like plenty” for decades.

“In working with Lantic and its passionate entrepreneurial team, we are confident we have the right partner to take on the largest sugar market in the world. We are particularly excited about our part in helping make the food we love healthier, especially amid growing concerns around rising obesity,” he added. 

DouxMatok has previously partnered with companies along every part of the logistical food chain. European sugar giant Sudzucker was first in line and even joined DouxMatok’s latest fundraising initiative where the company secured $22 million in a Series B round in June of 2019.

Most recently, DouxMatok was named among the Top 50 in Thrive’s Global Agtech and Foodtech list for 2020, under the Food Processing and Novelty Ingredients umbrella.

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