Hailing ‘revolution,’ Israel launches 5G wireless service

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel on Tuesday authorized several Israeli telecommunications companies to start using 5G internet technology.

The development is expected to enable Israeli citizens to enjoy faster internet service and improved cellular infrastructure with immediate effect.

However, there are currently only three devices sold in Israel that support 5G technology, which means that it will take considerable time until large numbers of Israelis are able to enjoy the new development.

The cellphone companies currently authorized are Pelephone, Partner and Hot Mobile, which won a government tender.

In a statement announcing the development, Hendel said that “we are in the midst of one of the most severe crises that have hit Israel. Most social processes during the coronavirus are bases on communications infrastructure and can only be held with advanced infrastructure. Such a crisis requires us to move to advanced infrastructure and ultra-fast internet for everybody.

“This is a revolution that will move Israel forward and turn vision into reality,” Hendel added. “5G technology is capable of things most Israeli citizens cannot imagine.”

Yoaz Hendel speaks at a conference in Ramat Gan on September 8, 2019. (Flash90)

Pelephone announced that its 5G will be available Tuesday at 250 stations nationwide, for compatible devices.

Partner and Hot Mobile likewise hailed the development as “historic.”

The 5G networks are touted as promising an exponential leap in the amount and speed of wireless data delivery, enabling advances in self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, connected health and more as sensors and servers communicate nearly instantly.

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Written by Aakash Malu


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