Here is a list of Indian apps without any Chinese investments

List of China-free Indian apps

Indian app

India’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps has been hailed as a ‘revolution’ for homegrown tech companies. Here are some Indian apps with no Chinese investments.

Free food grain scheme extended

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi said the decision was taken in view of the forthcoming festive season even as he cautioned the citizens not to let their guard down against coronavirus.

‘Digital swadeshi revolution’ finally here

Swadeshi apps, Indian apps, Chinese apps

For Indian tech startups, the government’s move to ban Chinese apps is the revolution they had been waiting for, and see this as the boost they need to grow.

Alternatives to banned Chinese apps

Chingari App

Chingari is a short video-sharing app

Many are lauding India’s ban on Chinese apps, considering it as an opportunity for homegrown apps, and a massive step towards the PM’s war cry of “Vocal for Local.”

How TikTok ban impacts people


Photo: TikTok India

TikTok found its largest market in India, with a truly democratic social media platform. All that stands to change with the government’s ban on Chinese apps.

Reactions to India’s ban on Chinese apps

chinese app ban

Here is a roundup of reactions by Indian business leaders and tech startups on the Indian government’s move to ban 59 Chinese apps.

Investing in a post-pandemic world

Rainmaker Ventures

Rainmaker Ventures co-founders Atul Hegde (right) and Sudhir Menon

Mumbai-based Rainmaker Ventures is turning ‘cautious’ in a post-pandemic world. It is also scouting for investment opportunities in Southeast Asia and the UAE.

Meet Groww CTO Neeraj Singh

Techie Tuesday - Neeraj Singh

Neeraj Singh, Co-founder and CTO, Groww

Neeraj Singh, CTO and Co-founder Groww, speaks about his journey, from the supply chain domain to Flipkart, and starting up in the fintech field.

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