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New export ban rules announced by the US Department of Commerce could be the blow that finally incapacitates Huawei, cutting off its ability to create advanced semiconductors.

Whilst rules passed by the Department of Commerce last year blocked Huawei from Google Services, reducing Huawei’s sales outside of China, the company still found loopholes allowing it to continue designing high-end chips and outsource production to TSMC. These loopholes may now be blocked.

What happened?

Since 2019, Huawei has been on the US BIS Entity List. The goal was to cut off Huawei and its affiliates, most importantly chip design subsidiary Hisilicon, from US technologies. They required companies wanting to export to Huawei to obtain a license from the US government.


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Columnist Stewart Randall is Head of Electronics and Embedded Software at Intralink.

Despite these restrictions, Huawei has continued to use US technology.  

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Written by Aakash Malu


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