Location-Based Discovery To Create A Seamless Network Of Services

Location-based discovery helps customers whose perception is impacted by varied information available online

They act as a seamless Online to Offline and Online to Online customer acquisition channel

From offering basic online brand promotion to SaaS-based customized branding solutions, these companies can fit into any budget

India is home to more than 51 million micro, small and medium enterprises, and 50,000 startups, offering innovative and relevant services/solutions. Though India Inc has undergone rapid transformation in terms of ease of doing business and growing community of investors, the issue of a brand’s discoverability continues to remain a challenge.

In this era of information & technology, a consumer’s journey to connect with a brand has become longer than ever in terms of individual research parameters.

Varied information available online on brands impacts consumers’ perception and their chances of selecting one brand over the other. However, by combining the power of technology, marketing and knowledge of online consumer behaviour, new-age location-based discovery platforms have emerged as troubleshooters in this domain.

The location-based discovery experts enable in building hyperlocal digital strategy through automation for 1 to 1,00,000 locations in no time and

It’s crucial to understand the uniqueness of various sectors. Every industry has different challenges and different digital needs that need to be dealt accordingly. Therefore,  it’s important to understand what a specific industry/sector demands like Auto, Consumer Durable, Banking, Retail, FNB, Fashion n Lifestyle, Medical, PSU and making them discoverable to audiences in buying/discovery mode.

It promotes physical outlets/stores through digital channels, making a seamless “Online to Offline” and “Online to Online” customer acquisition channel.

Since millions of these locations remain unmanaged and are left unaccounted for, an automated platform can help in their streamlining and publication via APIs on different search platforms.

These tools are fully automated, easy-to-use, functionally integrated SaaS platform to list, manage and enrich the location data across SEO optimized store pages and publishers which include search engines,  web directories, maps and social media platforms to engage potential customers.

SEO, SEM, SMO, Listings and other digital marketing tools have evolved from branding tools to result-oriented revenue generation tools. With the democratization of these techniques and the amplification of their abilities by emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses can connect with potential customers like never before.

More than often, consumers are unaware of services or product availability around their location and end up in supermarkets or malls for a sure-shot availability and purchase of the required service/product. For long, many local businesses have lost such business opportunities to large-scale establishments.

But local businesses now have the chance to turn the tables by leveraging location-based discovery platforms, which promote retail outlets, stores, restaurants, and other local businesses in specific locations through digital channels, making a seamless Online to Offline and Online to Online customer acquisition channel.

Let’s understand in simple terms as to how a seamless network of services can be created through location-based discovery. With the help of such platforms, an individual can earmark different centres of utility in his/her vicinity and keep a handy database.

For instance, one can discover a general store, a hospital, a medicine shop, a takeaway food joint, a restaurant etc and create a personal bank of the same for present as well as future usage. In situations such as the prevailing lockdown, triggered by Covid-19 aka coronavirus, this bank can be of utmost utility.

And as for the enterprises, such platforms offer multi-brand discovery solutions, including business pages on social media like Facebook or Instagram, business listing platforms, publishing data on relevant sources for search engines and location-based SEO via micro-websites and more.

From offering basic online brand promotion activity to cutting-edge SaaS-based customized branding solutions, these companies can fit into any budget and deliver accordingly. Their flexibility enables local businesses to acquire potential customers at the lowest possible cost and grow business significantly.

For brands, both locally and widely accessible, location-based discovery becomes even more vital when new residential societies and landscapes emerge, or during emergencies such as national lockdown. With focused customer targeting on multiple channels, location-based discovery platforms can prove to be very beneficial for productive hyper-local marketing activities.

While the outbreak of coronavirus has pushed everyone to adapt to a different lifestyle that is more hygienic, it’s high time businesses looked at new ways of connecting with customers that are unaffected by future phenomena.

Besides, with hyper-local reach via location-based discovery platforms, brands can penetrate deeper into markets, establish long-lasting customer relationships and experience exponential business growth. In the future, these platforms will be highly preferred by the brands for the most cost and time-efficient online brand promotion activities and be discovered by their consumers.

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