Meet the hardware startup solving work from home challenges and seeing 20X growth amid lockdown

Working from home is the new normal and has emerged as one of the biggest pillars for business continuity in the times of coronavirus. In fact, a recent survey conducted between March 23 and 25 showed that 96 percent of organisations in India have rolled out working from home – a significant rise from 19 percent just two weeks before

In such a scenario, the need to stay connected online is more important than ever to make working from home a seamless and hassle free experience. However, in India, electricity disruptions and load-shedding are not unfamiliar occurrences, which means your router becomes useless in providing you internet service in case of a power-cut. 

This is where the Router UPS comes into play. Manufactured by Bengaluru-based startup Resonate, the demand for this low-power UPS has witnessed a huge surge since the lockdown was announced and companies mandated work from home, Sudhir Sathiyamoorthy, Founder and CEO of Resonate, told YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma in an interview. 

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“The router is probably the only device in our homes that does not have a battery. For people living in big societies/gated communities, their homes are power-backed-up. However, at times when the backup fails, you are cut off from the internet,” said Sudhir, adding that demand for the product has gone up 20X. 

The UPS is small, light-weight and easy to install and has taken off quite well in the market, catering to both B2B and B2C segments.

The founder says, “Our customers also include internet service providers like ACT and Airtel, since they want to make sure that their last-mile devices are powered to meet the high demand of internet usage from home.” 

Luckily for Resonate, the government has listed telecom products as an essential commodity amid this lockdown, making delivery of these routers possible, said Suresh. The routers are sold through its own online store as well as ecommerce companies.

He adds, “Large companies have also reached out to us for supplying the routers to their employees working from home.” 

Suresh said the low-power UPS was a completely non-existent market before their product entered the market. In fact, while listing it on Flipkart, the ecommerce company had to create a whole new category called ‘UPS Router’ for it. 

“The world has changed. Today, having the internet is more important than eating delicious food and we are driving to make that possible,” said Suresh. 

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