in Acquires US-based Gemia To Enhance Facial Recognition Stack will continue to offer Gemia’s products and services uses deep learning-powered technology to automatically improve images

Gemia is an online tool which helps people to improve the quality of photographs

Mumbai-based facial technology and computer vision startup has acquired US-based research startup Gemia for an undisclosed amount. Before the acquisition, Gemia was part of Arvi Inc, an artificial intelligence (AI) research company.

As part of the deal, will continue to offer products and services provided by Gemia on a subscription basis. At the same time, will also leverage Gemia’s photo enhancement software to enhance its product suite. Gemia’s tool will help to accelerate its media and entertainment segment.

Founded in 2015 by Manoj Shinde, uses deep learning-powered technology to automatically improve images and enhance resolutions for pictures and videos. Combining machine learning and facial recognition, offers a visual enhancement stack for the media, entertainment, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

In an earlier conversation with Inc42, Shinde had said that’s edge-based facial model uses neural networks to identify facial landmarks such as jawline, the borders of lips, eyes, nose, hairline and contours. As of now, the startup is tracking around 106 landmarks on the face.

On the other hand, Gemia is an online tool which helps people to improve the quality of their photographs with a single click. Leveraging technologies like computer vision and AI algorithms, Gemia edits images by taking care of the scene semantics and any other defects.

Post-acquisition, Gemia will launch an advanced cloud-based service which is expected to offer enhanced video editing capabilities. More new tools for enhancing images will be added on top of the current software.

Founder of Gemia, Mykhailo Dementii said that the combination of’s technology with Gemia will address challenges like time constraints which are faced during photo editing. “It’ll also accelerate the shift from manual tools to automated SaaS tools,” he added.’s clientele includes Intel, Cisco, GE Healthcare, Samsung, TCS, KPMG and DataMatics among others. Leading mobile camera manufacturers and video conferencing software companies also use’s product suite.

Investors like Intel’s Vinod Dham, Bollywood singers Harmeet Singh and Manmeet Singh and AJ Ventures. While Dham had invested $1.6 Mn in the startup in his own capacity, has been working closely with Intel for its core AI technology. The partnership is also working to bring research-based vision products on their hardware to amplify new push into the AI sector.

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