OTT Helps Filmmakers Keep The Reel Rolling During Pandemic

No shoot has taken place from the last ten days

The industry is using this time to work from home on ideation and discussion

Many veteran film makers are sharing their art and skill in the form of workshops and training session

While the world is plagued with the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the heat is also being felt by the Indian media and entertainment production industry who are experiencing a jolt in their day to day operations. It is difficult to quantify the damage as of now, considering the problem is worsening with an increase in the number of cases being recorded each day.

The rise in cases justifies the need to put a brake on everything and just focus on the well-being of our near and dear ones as well as the ones around us in our day to day environment.

The production industry stands united as we support government initiatives like the Janta Curfew and the 21-day lockdown.

No shoot has taken place from the last ten days considering shoots need a huge gathering of people performing different activities. While there was a pressure initially to continue shoots, the industry has sensitized to the aggravating situation.

While the fear of the halted business has gripped independent filmmakers and big productions houses as well, the interest of the industry participants precedes the thoughts of any losses incurred.

Considering most of the activities associated with film making are on ground and physical in nature, the industry is using this time to work from home on ideation and discussion. Filmmakers are using this time to plan how to complete ongoing projects as well as for the projects that can be undertaken in the upcoming year once the industry resumes services.

Constant video calls with team members are being done to keep them busy and interested. There is a lingering fear of job loss and low morale among the staff. It is the responsibility of every employer to take care of the employees irrespective of the situation of the business.

Many veteran filmmakers are sharing their art and skill in the form of workshops and training session with newbies through video calls. With the fast-paced life and hectic schedule that the film industry offers, it becomes difficult for the industry participants to catch up on new films and shows.

The time spent away from work enables many of them to catch up on the variety of content available at the tip of their finger.

OTT Brings The Hope

The spike in viewership of OTT is a ray of hope for filmmakers. With schools, colleges, workplaces being closed temporarily, Indian are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. With the consumers being forced to be homebound in the current environment, many new users have started using these services with the old ones.

It provides a sense of contribution to the noble cause of keeping viewers engaged and safe at home. Gripping series enables viewers to sit for long hours without feeling the need to go outdoors. With a plethora of content options available across so many OTT platforms, viewers can now choose content across genres depending on one’s mood and preference. The filmmakers are now also exploring the option for releasing their films directly on OTT platforms.

The government is taking all the necessary steps to ensure they curb the widespread of this deadly virus. As we stand united to defeat the virus, we are hopeful of a revival in the sector soon.

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Written by Radhika Lavu


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