Review on Outsource Force – The Latest Product Creation by John Reese

Outsource Force is the brainchild of John Reese who, according to research has been around the world of Internet Marketing since the early 1990s. According to reports, he has known to some as the ‘Million Dollar Man’ for having made over $1M with his traffic product in 2004. At the time, some were claiming this product offered nothing new but what it did do was to teach sustainable methods to list building.

Outsource Force claims to teach you how to explode your business by outsourcing to highly educated, hard working, English speaking virtual assistants who will work for you full time for $2 per hour or sometimes even less.

The cost of this education teaching you how to outsource is almost $2K and one would have to consider the value versus cost scenario. Now what interested me was I found some threads in a forum relating to the Money Mindset product that John Reese was behind and the threads referred to the early marketing campaign promoting this at $497. Those people on his list subsequently received an email backtracking on the cost and saying that overwhelming negative response had forced him to reduce the product to $97.

Having followed the pre launch of this latest product, I am unable to verify or substantiate any of the claims made as every link to the main product tells us that due to high demand, the private coaching product is Sold Out.

Now I genuinely have to ask myself why so soon after launching has it been closed and could it be:

  • A clever marketing ploy trying to raise more interest in Outsource Force? It asks for opt-in details for when more places will be released.
  • Has the creators of the product been a bit economical in their estimation of the level of interest there might be and therefore no contingency plan implemented?
  • Is it going to follow a similar track to Money Mindset and will there be a further launch with a much reduced product?

The first video I watched revealed nothing new that I was not aware of from other online sources. My understanding from his videos is that he is not an advocate of hiring outsourcing firms but surely there are times when using a professional outsourcing firm is the best way to go? My expectation therefore for the paid product will be similar content with a few valuable nuggets that will be released in a timely schedule. In my heart I simply cannot justify that kind of price tag for information that is already, or soon will be available all over the popular forums in a matter of months.

Fans of John Reese’s products will qualify his products by stating that they are products based on tried and true principles that will last – in other words they are sustainable products and not just short-term. My opinion is the stuff that John teaches is probably best for those marketers who have yet to master a specific part of their business. You need to watch/listen several times over until it fully sinks in and your understanding is enough to go ahead and implement confidently.


I would have liked John Reese to have given an objective comparison rather than stating that using an outsourcing firm should be avoided. What would have been more helpful I believe would have been if he had taken the time to explain when there are times that using a firm may be a better idea.

If you watch the Outsource Force videos, you will see that John is creating his own gaming company. He also alludes to failed projects and my only question here I suppose is “did he use an outsourcing company in the failed projects and was this a factor in their subsequent failure?” Normally where we can, and as a result of a poor customer experience we would have that entrepreneurial flair to set something up that is better than our experiences elsewhere.

I, as an end user and potential customer would liked to have seen him create separate modules and sell the benefits or otherwise of both approaches i.e. using an outsourcing firm or the freelancer approach through other mediums such as job sites, Craigslist etc.

Source by Trish Mullen

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