This app can help you practice social distancing amidst coronavirus

An app to help you practice social distancing


DROR uses Bluetooth to locate nearby devices and calculate the user’s social distancing score using AI and ML-driven algorithms.

How WhatsApp is helping grow an apparel startup


Nikita Jain launched Indore-based startup Klingaru to sell baby carriers after she realised the demand when her first child was born. 

How deep-linking startup Branch Metrics was formed

Founders, Branch Metrics

                   Founders, Branch Metrics

Palo Alto-based Branch Metrics is a deep-linking platform that helps companies and app developers acquire and retain users.

For 18 months, unit economics will be key for startups

Matrix Partners India

Avnish Bajaj and Rajinder Balaraman of Matrix Partners India discuss unit economics, margins, value, and fundamentals startups need to focus on.

Offline businesses are going online to survive coronavirus

online business

Startups are providing quick online synergies to local kiranas, pharmacies, vendors, and businesses, and helping them navigate the lockdown.

Entrepreneurs on how their mothers helped them succeed

mothers day

From helping to develop an interest in a product or service to giving them ideas, many mothers have inspired their children to become entrepreneurs. 

How to make our mothers feel loved during lockdown

Mother's Day

Here are some interesting ways to make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day while social distancing and the lockdown goes on.

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