What’s In Store For You In The Office Once Lockdown Is Lifted

With reports suggesting that countries such as China, and Hong Kong, are getting back to normal, India isn’t far behind

Let’s face it, humans are social beings who love to interact and network

Offices are already advising their staff and clients to prioritize health over anything else

There is no other way to say it, the coronavirus pandemic has made some changes in our lives. This unprecedented situation has left an indelible impact on our habits, and the way society operates. As members of the workforce, we have been confined to our homes, fortunate enough to continue to work.

This pandemic is reactivating the way companies are compiling new strategies, and policies to protect their employees and clients today and in the near future.

With reports suggesting that countries such as China, and Hong Kong, are getting back to normal, India isn’t far behind. Given that we might see partial lockdown lifted, here’s what’s in store for you once the lockdown ends.

Increased Precaution On Health And Safety

Previously, offices maintained regular cleaning schedules, to ensure that the office is spick and span. Now, the goal is to implement appropriate precautionary measures that aids in the prevention and spread of Covid-19, amongst employees, clients and guests.

The office will go a step further to ensure the spaces are sanitized, fumigated regularly and restrict the entry of those showing symptoms of being sick. Routinely cleaning will be done on frequently touched surfaces such as countertops workstations and door handles using cleaning agents.

Frequent temperature checks would also be in place before the entry of an individual is permitted in the centre.

The office will have emails and messages that encourage precautionary protocols which include cough and sneeze etiquette. Cleaning hands frequently, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser which contains at least 60-95% alcohol.

In addition to that, a supervisor is likely to be assigned in offices to ensure workspaces are safe and offer support to staff. The supervisor should adhere to company policies and should know promptly notify local public health authorities about any suspected exposure

Importance On Well-Being And Practising Self-Care

Good working conditions help in providing social protection, professional development opportunities, improve social relations and self-esteem of employees which can lead to positive health benefits. The health of the workforce is an important prerequisite for household income and economic development.

Offices are already advising their staff and clients to prioritize health over anything else. Offices will also be asking employees who develop flu-like symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills) in the office to go home immediately and isolate.

Given that employees will be unable to work because they are sick, companies are considering a chance to revise their leave policy. Policies that provide employees with confidence that they can afford to take sick leave would gradually help in encouraging self-reporting and reducing potential exposure.

The Future Of Collaboration

Let’s face it, humans are social beings who love to interact and network. However, the current scenario restricts the way this works. That’s why companies are shifting to a more virtual approach to ensure there is no drop off in productivity.

Given the unique challenges in collaboration, companies adopting new technology to support it is one of the most strategic investments a business leader can make. By investing in tools which aid in better communication, companies will see improvements across worker morale, focus and productivity.

Companies are organizing webinars, music sessions and fitness sessions to keep the community actively engaged. By doing so, the employee gets a chance to unwind. It also gives the employee a chance to reach out to industry experts.

In terms of interaction with clients, companies will be providing their employees with videoconference training sessions to use for clients and other prospects.


While we sat in our PJs working from home, we also missed the vibe of working from the office. Despite the number of communication tools online, there is nothing like speaking to your colleague in office to work on a particular task or even to socialize. Once you are in office, the productivity will be better as there is a better level of collaboration

During the stint of working from home, employees may have developed new skills and new techniques for approaching a problem to yield results. Managers will not look into adopting best practices from the WFH model and implement it at the workspace. Companies can also retrain employees, which will help the business to bounce back quickly.  A level of preparedness and resilience will help determine an organization’s path out of the crisis.

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