Why JioMart, Amazon, Flipkart are wooing kiranas

Why JioMart, Amazon, Flipkart are wooing kiranas

kirana capsule

Leading ecommerce companies in India have made big moves to partner with the ubiquitous offline kirana stores as both seek to acquire and retain customers.

All about investing and trading during COVID-19


On Money Matters with Shradha Sharma, Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha and True Beacon talks about trading and investing during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Here’s why insurance has to go completely digital


Chirag Buch.

In conversation with Chirag Buch, Managing Partner of SE2 Digital Service LLP, a US-based tech firm that has $100 billion assets in administration and $20 billion in claims.

Prescreening COVID-19 patients by analysing cough sounds


Salcit Team

Salcit, along with Zensark Technologies, had repurposed its kAs mobile application to prescreen COVID-19 patients by analysing their coughing sounds.

This startup is ensuring safe commute for frontline workers

Everest Fleet

Team at Everest Fleet

Everest Fleet has started its B2C tech portal to offer safe commute facility to essential service providers, medical staff, and patients.

Lucro aims to open one of India’s largest recycling factories

Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited

Ujwal Desai, Co-founder and Managing Director, Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited

Started in 2012, Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited claims to be one of India’s largest suppliers of recycled packaging and protective covers.

This startup aims to simplify working from home

Troop Messenger

Sudhir Naidu, Founder of Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a team messaging and collaboration startup that provides businesses instant messaging, conferencing and productivity tools, among others.

Meet the student helping pregnant women in rural India

Anushka Arora

Anushka Arora

Anushka Arora is designing a machine that can help pregnant women from rural areas get access to better medical facilities and government schemes.

Helping the underprivileged access to clean, safe drinking water

Chinnmaye Praveen

Chinnmaye Praveen, founder of GeWinn Wachstum.

Chinnmaye Praveen’s GeWinn Wachstum installs water ATMs across Karnataka to help underprivileged people get access to safe drinking water at affordable prices.

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