Windows 7 Freezes on Startup

Windows 7 freezes will generally occur when your system either has problems / issues that are preventing it from being able to read the files that it needs to run, or your system cannot process the features that it requires. If you want to fix Windows 7 freezes on Startup, there are a number of important steps you can take to resolve the issues you’re seeing, which will include using some in-built Windows features, as well as a number of important pieces of software.

1) – Use “Windows 7 Startup Repair”

The first step to resolving the Windows 7 startup freezes is to first ensure that you can perform a “Startup Repair” on your PC. Startup repairs are used to help repair any of the potential errors that will be preventing your PC from booting properly – and consequently, it’s recommended you use this process to mend the probable errors on your system. You can do this by performing these steps:

  1. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc into your system
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Make sure you set the “boot medium” to be the DVD in the BIOS
  4. Load up the Windows 7 installer disc
  5. Follow the installation process to repair the installation of your system

This will basically resolve any of the problems that will typically be preventing Windows 7 from booting smoothly – allowing your computer to run much smoother. You’ll typically find this resolves the freezes on your system.

2) – Download & Run A Registry Cleaner Tool

The next step is to run a registry cleaner program on your system. A registry cleaner is a tool that’s able to get rid of any of the potential issues that are leading your computer to run slower, preventing your system from being able to read the settings it requires to run. Using one of these programs is highly recommended if you want to resolve the various errors / problems that your Windows 7 system may have – and will typically work very well to fix the startup freezes.

You should download a registry cleaner from the Internet, install it and then let it get rid of any problems that it will find on your PC. This will resolve any of the potential issues that Windows will have inside – boosting the speed and reliability of your system as a result.

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